A few words about Obediah Cole…

Obediah Cole was born in Bearstrap, Louisiana, a little country town outside Shreveport. Obediah was the youngest of 19 children. He and his twin brother, Ahab, were affectionately and respectfully called O.B. and B.O. by family and friends.

Obediah married Georgia Mae Cole and, together, raised their children in Los Angeles and Compton, California, in the southern tradition of God, family, church, and school. Their 8 sons and 2 daughters were taught by example to take pride in their family, culture, and community.

Obediah’s cancer started in his prostate and spread to his lungs, which lead to his early death at the age of 49. His twin brother, Ahab, died 25 years later after battling various forms of cancer, including prostate cancer.